Petit Nombre et un chien, un lapin et un sac de carottes

Storry Veselin Jungic, SFU, and Donna Gerdts, SFU
Wet'suwet'en Translation : Shirley Cook of the Wet'suwet'en Nation
Illustrateur : Bethani L'Heureux, Surrey, BC

Halht ‘im Bic;oldiwdin dinee tsowgth,itsnehdin dinee ba; beb cla beth;ne’habil wyi;deh yikh nenli wiszou bah ts;o biyha nas gyn nenli wit deh.




Halht ‘im Bic;oldiwdin dinee tsowgth,itsnehdin dinee ba; beb cla beth;ne’habil wyi;deh yikh nenli wiszou bah ts;o biyha nas gyn nenli wit deh.

Small Number is a young boy who gets into a lot of mischief. He lives with his family in a house near the creek while his grandmother lives in a house on the other side of the creek.

Cen atz honzue Halht’’im’ Bic’oldiw, bilh neh aah neh ,en denh, Bic’oldiw! Ah Clah eden neigh

It is a beautiful summer day and Small Number's mom tells him, “Small Number, get ready!”

Nyin dzin Ts;o belegh tsiz belaigh etan lelih. Tsiz lhydilh

“You are going to visit Grandma today. You will help her cut up and stack her firewood.”

Dzin ts;o Ag’ yindininle belh. Atan leylh can hunzou

“You will also help her with her garden. There is so much work to do at this time of the year.”

Halht’im Bic, “Oldio muh taz yalyh sill hic sil tai yelh?”

Small Number says, “Good, I will go. Can I take my dog with me?”

Muh Tsege C”inilhus tule tehe. Yin N:yin tal telh nyin nenli tal telh Nenelheelh:tsil wuh” ute stus.

“Yes, son, you can take Curly Hair. But you will have to carry her across the creek because she doesn't like to get wet.”

“Tsege C”inilhus lhic totil gyuh”

“Curly Hair, you are such a good little dog. Let us run!”

Ts:o biyah Halht”im Bic”oldiou cla Tsege C:inilhus nyin nenli

To get to Grandma's house, Small Number and Curly Hair have to cross the creek.

Ndeni “iy” nts:e hun jey Nenli Tou Sah ninli

They go to where there is a bend in the creek. The water is a little slower there.

Halht:im Bic”Oldiou Tsege C”inilhus dincin cla diltlat Tse gut del:cluk naz gyn.

Small Number picks Curly Hair up in his arms and jumps from rock to rock until they are on the other side.

“Hyddih Halht”im Bic”oldiou” bah tsini tabi keh yule tan halh tium Bic”oldiw.

“Hi, Small Number!” said Grandma giving Small Number a big hug.

“Agh honist”iy Nenyust e n” Tsege C”inilhus souh ubyhinliy kenandilh.

“I am very happy to see you.” Curly Hair was watching them and happily wagging her tail.

Halht:im Bic”Oldiou Bi:N Tsiz lhtse:dilhggiuh cla lhydilh.

Small Number spends the morning chopping wood and stacking it against his grandmother's house.

Lha “et dzitnits nael doh huniyik “Ae”indininle.

Then in the afternoon, they work together in the garden.


Tsini”wuh nil tun ando ininlah Lemidec, Sas Co,

Grandma shows him all the different things she has planted – potatoes, cabbage, and carrots.

“Sasco lah dah gye agh agh wun yin takl tun howhn ghikht cla wiwedw’itsin ginve, sak,”

“The carrots are ready, and I will show you how to pull them out of the ground, clean them, and put them into sacks.”

Halht”im” Bic”Oldiou KAYTILH COT SASCO cla tsege C:inilhus yil lah ute dou.

Small Number pulls up many carrots, and Curly Hair digs around and helps too.


Tsini: huba bau la dee en leh Halht”im BBic”oldiou cla, “Tabi Missih hubilneeh cla Tsege C:inilhus aah yikh jih nuw daz.”

Grandma makes tea for Small Number, and then she says, “Thank you so much for your help. You and Curly Hair better head home soon.”

“Sye Wik:ansidzin lhk:ly ginve:sak Sasco se:nah bah bay yitas uyle cen:alh hyletuz sou liz gen nalh.”

“I would like you to take one sack of carrots to give to your mother. You are a big and strong boy now, so you will be able to carry it.”

Suy agh bahruk gihnt yiz Tsini kekwin yid dow din cye cla delgi kikh deyalclah tabi missih kho Tsini hanzil Halht:im Bic:Oldiou ,

“And I have a surprise for you.” Grandma opens a box and a small, gray rabbit jumps outside of the box. “Thank you, Grandma!” yells Small Number.

Tsini Clou ninzin Soh Kyoh Waneen glihCen:alh Nyin Nenli Tsege” C:inilhus cla Kikh huba nawahdus ulnuk.

Grandma smiles, “Just be careful when you cross the creek. Make sure that you do not leave Curly Hair and the rabbit alone.”

Tsege C,inilhus kiz zou nelen kikh onga na yin nelen Kikh khy sasco atukza ate waysoldah yin nah dou wah tas delh

“Curly Hair is a sweet dog but look how she is looking at the rabbit. Also, do not leave the rabbit alone with the carrots, otherwise you will not have any carrots left to bring to your mom.”

Halh:im Bic”Oldiw Kikh cla ginve Sak Sasco hunahyitheycla Tsege C:inilhus yikh gonatdel.

Small Number picks up the rabbit and the sack of carrots and calls Curly Hair to follow. And they head home.

Nyin Nenli nineendil Halht”im Bic”Olediw kikh ccla Sasco yante neeba ninlahcla lhic hubahunlee.

When they get to the creek, Small Number puts the rabbit and the carrots down, and the little dog is watching.

Halht :im Bic”Olediw hundih,

Small Number is puzzled,

“Gye dou ataslelhTse hulkut Ca lhk:ly wah naba tas lelh.”

“Now what do I do? The rocks are very slippery, and I can only carry one at a time.”

Deodeenee: Soh Kah Wah Taleelh Yen leh tah yalh taw biwne git?

Question: How can Small Number safely get everything across the river?

Credits and Acknowledgments 

Written by Veselin Jungic and Donna Gerdts, Simon Fraser University

Illustrated by Bethani L'Heureux

Translation: Shirley Cook of the Wet'suwet'en Nation

Voice: Shirley Cook of the Wet'suwet'en Nation

Sound: Shirley Cook of the Wet'suwet'en Nation

Musique: Gary George of the Wet'suwet'en Nation

Animation : Angela Meyers, Vancouver, BC

Producteur: Veselin Jungic, Simon Fraser University

Directrice : Angela Meyers, Vancouver, BC, and Aidan Wright, Victoria, BC


Special Thanks To:


  • Ochele of the Tla’amin Nation 
  • Ozren Jungic, Ottawa, ON
  • Pam Borghardt, Coquitlam, BC
  • Olivia Jim of the Wet’suwet’en Nation
  • Department of Mathematics, Simon Fraser University
  • Faculty of Science, Simon Fraser University
  • Office for Aboriginal Peoples, Simon Fraser University
  • The IRMACS Centre, Simon Fraser University


·       The story was inspired by the well-known puzzle of the wolf, the goat and the cabbage.

·       The image of Small Number's dog Curly Hair is inspired by the image of now extinct breed known as the Salish Woolly dog.