Etsím Skw’shim iy ta Hiyí Stsek
(Squamish Translation)

Squamish Translation by Setálten, Norman Guerrero Jr. of the Squamish Nation
Written by Veselin Jungic and Mark MacLean
Illustrated by Simon Roy and Jess Pollard

Small Number and the Big Tree

Small Number is a young boy who gets into a lot of mischief. With his sister Perfect Number he visits their Grandma who lives in a small village on their Nation’s traditional territory.

Story Transcript: English and Squamish

Credits and Acknowledgements

Written by Veselin Jungic, SFU, and Mark MacLean, UBC;  Voice (English): Willard (Buddy) Joseph of the Squamish Nation; Voice (Hul'q'umi'num'): Delores Louie (Swustanlwut); Voice (Sliammon): Betty Wilson (Oshelle); Voice (Squamish): Norman Guerrero Jr. (Setálten); Illustrators: Simon Roy and Jess Pollard, Victoria, BC; Sound (English): Ericsson San Pablo Chu, Simon Fraser University; Sound (Hul'q'umi'num'): Donna Gerdts (Sp'aqw'um''ultunaat) and Thomas Jones (Sewit); Music and Animation: Andy Gavel, Simon Fraser University; Producer: Veselin Jungic, Simon Fraser University; Director: Andy Gavel, Simon Fraser University; Special Thanks To: Betty Willson of the Sliammon Nation; Jessica Humchitt of the Heiltsuk Nation; Stephani Monkman of the Métis Nation; Ozren Jungic, University of Oxford; Pam Borghardt, Simon Fraser University; Alejandro Erickson, Durham University; Department of Mathematics, Simon Fraser University; Department of Mathematics, University of British Columbia; Faculty of Science, Simon Fraser University; Office for Aboriginal Peoples, Simon Fraser University; Pacific Institute For Mathematical Sciences; The IRMACS Centre, Simon Fraser University;