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Posted below are currently available openings.

Faculty positions

    Applications for faculty positions are now closed. We thank all applicants and appreciate your interest in the position.

Research Technicians/Associates and other positions

    No current openings

Sessional Positions

    No current openings

Undergraduate Student positions

Opportunities to learn in research settings are available to undergraduate students through research-intensive lab courses (see course listing), CO-OP, NSERC studentships and volunteering. Undergraduate students are encouraged to contact a specific Research Faculty member.

Grad student, postdoc positions

  • Positions are currently available at the Choy lab for motivated individuals interested in pursuing a PhD. Applicants should contact Dr. Choy by e-mail and attach a detailed CV along with a description of their research interests. (2016-03-11)
  • Graduate student positions available in the Cornell lab: to study the molecular basis for an inherited disorder leading to lipodystrophy, dwarfism, and blindness. The disorder is caused by single nucleotide mutations in the PCYT1A gene for a key regulatory enzyme in membrane lipid synthesis, CCT. Our lab is a world leader on the structure, enzyme function and regulation of CCT. (2015-01-09)
  • Graduate student positions available in the Pantophlet Lab: Etiology of oligomannose-specific broadly neutralizing antibodies to HIV and characterization of engineered vaccine immunogens.
  • Postdoctoral and Ph.D. positions available in the Leroux lab: (i) cilia and link to development and human diseases—including obesity, polycystic disease, etc. (ii) protein homeostasis and link to neurodegenerative disorders, cancer.
  • M.Sc. and Ph.D. positions available in the Paetzel lab. Proteolytic enzymes related to disease, utilizing x-ray crystallography, molecular biology, protein chemistry and enzyme kinetics.
  • Axonal trafficking defects in an Alzheimer's disease model. M.Sc. or Ph.D. positions available immediately in the Silverman Lab.