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Research Areas in the Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry encompass a wide range of disciplines from the biomedical life sciences.


David Baillie ~ C. elegans genomics
Fiona Brinkman ~ pathogenomics, genome architecture
Jack Chen ~ bioinformatics, genomics
William Davidson ~ salmonid genomics
Robert Holt ~ genomics, synthetic biology
Steven Jones ~ bioinformatics
Ryan Morin ~ bioinformatics and cancer genomics

Cell and Development Biology

Bruce Brandhorst ~ sea urchin embryogenesis
Christopher Beh ~ cholesterol genetics, cell polarity
Sharon Gorski ~ cell death and autophagy
Nicholas Harden ~ signalling in Drosophila
Nancy Hawkins ~ C. elegans asymmetric cell division
Barry Honda ~ genes in Drosophila heterochromatin
Michel Leroux ~ cilia, protein homeostasis, disease
Lynne Quarmby ~ cilia and the cell cycle
Esther Verheyen ~ Drosophila developmental genetics

Structural Biochemistry

Rosemary Cornell ~ membrane biochemistry
Lisa Craig ~ structure of type IV pili
Mark Paetzel ~ protein chemistry and crystallography
Frederic Pio ~ proteomics, apoptosis
Jenifer Thewalt ~ NMR studies of membrane structure
David Vocadlo ~ Chemical Biology of Glycosylation
Edgar Young ~ ligand-gating in ion channels

Nucleic acid function

Claire Cupples ~ DNA repair and mutagenesis
Dipankar Sen ~ catalytic DNA/RNA, biosensors
Peter Unrau ~ RNA chemistry and evolution


Mark Brockman ~ HIV virology and immunology
Jonathan Choy ~ T cell biology, vascular biology
Jamie Scott ~ HIV, antigen-antibody interactions