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The MBB department, and Simon Fraser University, are committed to being environmentally responsible.

Sustainability in MBB

Letter of appreciation from KC Bell, Director, Sustainability Office, for South Sciences Building occupants' participation in SFU's Green Labs program

Latest statistics for SSB energy savings

Sustainability at SFU

SFU's sustainability website provides various information on what the University is doing, and what individuals and labs can do, to be more environmentally friendly.


Sustainability competition

Our MBB department is participating in a sustainability competition where lowering energy useage will be rewarded! Take a look at the brochure from the SFU Sustainability Network and keep an eye on the Energy Dashboard (see website). Here is what you are encouraged to do, at all times!

  • shut the hash of fume hoods when not in use
  • flick off lights when leaving room
  • power down computers and other equipment when not in use

• MBB won the competition!


Steps towards sustainability

There is a lot that one can do to reduce energy consumption and minimise carbon emmissions. A variety of green tips are provided on the SFU sustainability website but a few very basic hints should always be kept in mind:

  • heating and cooling uses up the most energy (an estimated 80%); close windows and doors, do not use personal heaters, etc.
  • turn off lights and electronic equipment (computers, monitors) when not in use
  • transportation - take public transit rather than drive a vehicle
  • reduce the use of, and recycle, all paper products
  • aim to reduce or eliminate waste altogether, recycling plastics and other products whenever possible
  • water is a precious resource; please do not waste it