Get help

The Office of the Ombudsperson has several resources to guide students and faculty seeking to resolve a concern or participate in an appeal process.

Faculty Guide to Appeals

This guide is intended to assist Instructors and Chairs who are approached to make decision whether they arrive through a formal or informal process.

Problem Solving - The Basics

Refer to this checklist when you are seeking to resolve an issue to ensure all parties will achieve the best outcome possible.

Writing an Effective Appeal Letter

SFU normally requires that all appeals include a statement or letter that describes the reasons for the appeal. Learn how to write an effective appeal letter and avoid delays or denials.

Tips for Graduate Students

More often than not most questions or problems are easier to resolve if they are dealt with early. Check out these tips for graduate students on how to navigate the relationship with your supervisor.


If your complaint or issue is outside the jurisdiction of our office, we may not be best positioned to assist you. Learn about the other resources available that may be able to resolve your issue.

Academic Integrity FAQ

These FAQs are intended to assist students who have questions about Academic Integrity.