We seek to hire a postdoctoral fellow to develop theory to support the design, analysis, and interpretation of experiments probing the fundamentals of information-to-energy conversion out of equilibrium. The position, supported by the Information as Fuel initiative from the Foundational Questions Institute, will be co-supervised by Profs. John Bechhoefer (experiment) and David Sivak and Susanne Still (both theory). The primary location is the Physics department at Simon Fraser University (in Vancouver, BC), but there will also be extended visits to Prof. Still at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa.  

This position is a unique opportunity to collaborate with leading groups of experimentalists and theorists to help realize and then analyze the performance of information-based machines, with implications for the understanding and engineering of both biological and computational systems.  The general goal is to explore the constraints that determine the performance of information-fueled machines under “real world” conditions.  Such constraints include the need to perform tasks in a finite time, to gather the “right kind” of information, and to deal with the complexities of systems with many degrees of freedom.  In short: the goal is to bring Maxwell’s demon into the real world!

The ideal candidate would have experience with statistical mechanics and information theory, and a PhD in a relevant field (broadly construed: physics, or relevant areas of chemistry, applied math, engineering, statistics, computer science, etc).  But most important is intellectual curiosity, enthusiasm for research in this area, and an excellent track record in previous projects.

The endless all-season outdoors opportunities, mind-blowing food from all ethnicities, and mild weather make Vancouver an enviable place to call home; slightly more objectively, it makes every official top 5 list of most livable cities in the world.  You may already think highly of Hawaii.  

Initial appointment is for 1 year; extension to 2 years or longer is possible, based on mutual agreement.  Interested candidates should send a cover letter and CV (including publication list and contact information for 2-3 references) to johnb@sfu.ca. 

We are committed to ensuring that no individual is denied access to employment opportunities for reasons unrelated to ability or qualifications. Consistent with this principle, we will advance the interests of underrepresented members of the work force, specifically Indigenous peoples, persons with disabilities, visible minorities, and women; embrace gender and sexual diversity; ensure that equal opportunity is afforded to all who seek to join our group; and treat all group members equitably. Thus, candidates who belong to underrepresented groups in Physics are particularly welcome to apply.

Please forward this announcement to any interested parties.  Thank you in advance!