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Graduate Students

Dr. Slaney will be accepting applications for honours and graduate students for the upcoming year. Dr. Slaney supervises and co-supervises (along with her colleagues in the HQT stream in SFU's Department of Psychology) students interested in the following areas: history of psychology, theoretical and applied psychometrics and statistics, and philosophical analysis of both ordinary psychological and technical/methodological concepts as they are used by researchers in psychology and related domains of study. 

Graduate students entering the HQT stream will have a program tailored to their specific interests and requirements, but which will also be in accordance with the program requirements set by SFU and the Department of Psychology. Please feel free to contact Dr. Slaney directly ( should you have any questions either about our lab or the HQT program in Psychology at SFU..

Undergraduate Volunteers

For students with a potential interest in pursuing honours or graduate-level work in any area of theoretical psychology, it is often important to first gain some direct experience conducting research of this type. In the Studies in Methodology and Philosophy of Psychological Science lab, we offer undergraduate students the opportunity to come and visit the lab and, if they like, to be involved in the research being conducted there. Student volunteers will, depending both on their particular interests and on the projects being conducted, gain experience in a number of different features of historical/theoretical research as well as in more general research skills such as content-coding, database management, basis statistical analysis, archival research, etc. Students demonstrating a solid interest and ability will be considered for further employment and/or academic opportunities as they arise.

Interested applicants should ideally have

  • Have a GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • An interest in history or philosophy of psychology, psychometrics, and/or statistical psychology
  • Be able to commit to a minimum of 5 hours per week for at least two semesters

To apply, please contact Dr. Slaney at