We completed a large-scale project (supported by a SSHRC Insight Grant, 2014-2018) exploring various aspects of the history and use of meta-analysis, the debates surrounding its employment in psychology and related sciences, and researchers' understandings and implementations of the technique. The first phase of this research involved the development and validation of a coding tool for assessing meta-analysis practices (the Quality Assessment of Systematic Reviews [QUASR]; Tafreshi, Slaney, & Malange, 2015; Malange, Slaney, Law, & Napodi, 2013).

We collected data for a mixed-methods study, involving four integrated components: 1) an explication of the major theoretical and methodological developments of meta-analysis; 2) an examination of a broad spectrum of meta-analysis practices through a review of published meta-analyses; 3) a survey of authors of published meta-analyses; and 4) an integration of the findings of the first three components with the aim of informing where current standards of practice may require further development.

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