Moral Dimensions of Community

This research departs somewhat from the methodological and meta-science topics which have been the primary focus of the SMPPS to the substantive domain of moral psychology. As this is a new area of research, currently we are reviewing a set of philosophical works on morality, both classical  (e.g., Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics; Hume’s A Treatise on Human Nature; Kant’s A Critique of Pure Reason) and contemporary (e.g., Taylor's A Secular Age, MacIntyyre's After Virtue) with the aim of tracking how the ideas in these works are (or are not) reflected  in current moral philosophy and theory of moral psychology, specifically that relevant to the topics of community engagement and civic virtue.

Relevant Publications:

Richardson, F. C., Bishop, R. C., & Slaney, K. L. (2019). Politics and moral realism. In B. D. Slife & S. C. Yanchar (Eds), Hermeneutic moral realism in psychology: Theory and practice (pp. 97-115). Taylor & Francis.

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