About Dr. Slaney


Kate Slaney, Ph.D., is a tenured Professor in the History, Quantitative, Theoretical Psychology (HQT) stream of the Department of Psychology at Simon Fraser University (SFU). She completed her Ph.D. at SFU, with a specialty in psychometric theory, in 2006 and immediately took up a tenure-track position in the Psychology Department at SFU. Her research interests and expertise span a number of areas, including: historical and conceptual analysis of methodological approaches within psychological science; philosophy of psychological and related sciences; theoretical and applied psychometrics; examination of meta-analysis and other statistical inferences practices within psychology; rhetoric and other common styles of reasoning and writing in psychological research discourses; and the moral dimensions of intersubjectivity, community integration, and civic engagement.

Dr. Slaney's CV

Dr. Slaney is also a member of the Critical Psychology Network (CPN), an organization dedicated to connecting psychologiists engaged in critical scholarship and providing a resource for students with interests in critical psychology. Please visit the CPN website for more information.