Len Pierre | Navigating the Tyranny of Efficiency

Equity + Justice, Series Taking Action!, Future of Work, 2024

Decolonization is not a buzzword; it is an active, living practice in which Indigenous ways of existence are prioritized over the colonizers. It is dismantling and unlearning our notions of governance, health and knowledge. Decolonization is Indigenous led. It is the act of being in solidarity with Indigenous sovereignties on their own terms. Decolonization is not a box you can check off on a list of diversity practices.

In this country, we are governed by institutions that are anti-Indigenous at their core, having real consequences for real people. Indigenous peoples all over these stolen lands are subjected to cruel and dehumanizing treatment from law enforcement, the education system, the healthcare system, and various government bodies; the very systems we rely on to help our society “function”. There is an urgent need to interrogate how these systems are contributing to the displacement and disenfranchisement of Indigenous peoples that goes beyond scratching the surface.

Len Pierre will discuss what it means to center cultural safety through an Indigenous world view, within, what he calls the “tyranny of efficiency”. This tyranny refers to the way in which institutions prioritize quick fixes over meaningful change, leading to surface level approaches and virtue signaling. Len’s dialogue will explore the detrimental repercussions of using shallow approaches that do not prioritize cultural safety. He will lay out the foundational tenets of cultural safety through his perspective as a Coast Salish Katzie man and explores how to move forward in more informed ways.

Thu, 29 Feb 2024

10:00 a.m. (PT)

Online event
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About Taking Action!

The Taking Action! series is part of a partnership between SFU and the Resilience BC Anti-Racism Network, a provincial government program that connects B.C. communities with support, information and training to prevent and respond to incidents of racism and hate. With this partnership, SFU aims to build reciprocal relationships that combine the university’s research expertise with the knowledge and experience of community activists who have been leading anti-racism work in B.C. for years.

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About the speaker

Len Pierre is a professor, consultant, TEDx Speaker, social activist, change agent, & traditional knowledge keeper. He has a Masters degree in Education from Simon Fraser University focusing on Indigenous Curriculum and Instructional Design. His experience includes Indigenous education and program leadership from various organizations across colonial Canada.

He specializes in the development of educational programs and services with decolonization and reconciliation as its core values. He comes to us with an open heart and open mind, and hopes to be received in the same way.

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