Victoria Thomas | Transformative Justice: A Revolutionary Praxis for Reducing Anti-Trans Sentiment

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The exploitation of transgender and nonbinary individuals by media systems is a strategic method of oppression. 

This lecture will illuminate the unique oppression Black trans women face, highlight the severe consequences of anti-trans rhetoric and legislation for these individuals, and provide a path to sustained solidarity with gender-nonconforming individuals via transformative justice. 

As a praxis, transformative justice occurs via the collective action of everyday people rather than government intervention to break cycles of violence and build alternatives to current systems of oppression. 

Thank you to all who joined me on February 13th, 2024, as I considered how transformative justice provides a reservoir of hope for Black trans women and discussed how to heal, change, and revolutionize our responses to racism and transphobia. 

-Dr. Victoria E. Thomas

Tue, 13 Feb 2024

This was a hybrid event, with the in-person lecture held at SFU Vancouver.

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Victoria Thomas

Dr. Victoria E. Thomas is an assistant professor of Media, Communication, and Public Engagement in the School of Communication. She examines representations of Black transgender and gender nonconforming identities in our contemporary moment of anti-trans legislation and media hypervisibility of sexual orientation and gender identity politics. Her first book project, Trans Inclusive Television: Black Television Culture and the Politics of Gender Nonconforming Identities, analyzes representations of Black transgender and gender nonconforming individuals in U.S. cable and streaming television programs.


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