Accessibility and Inclusion in Community-Engaged Events

Thinking about starting a project or hosting an event with community partners? Looking to share your knowledge or research?

For over 13 years, SFU Public Square has held space for Simon Fraser University and the communities it serves to learn and work together towards equitable and sustainable solutions to our complex challenges. We humbly offer this guide outlining our approach to programming accessible and inclusive community engagement events and initiatives.

This guide is by no means perfect or final, as conversations about accessibility and inclusion are always ongoing, and we do not consider ourselves experts. We are always learning from others and have linked out to resources by organizations we are indebted to whenever possible. We will make updates to this guide as we continue to learn about evolving best practices and what our partners and community members want from our programming. 

Some of the considerations and resources offered in this guide are especially applicable to those working within SFU or other post-secondary institutions, but it is intended to be applicable or adaptable to any group planning a community engagement event or initiative.

This guide was written by Seth Erais, Chloe Sjuberg and Doug Hamilton-Evans, with support from Sakshi Taneja, Kim Regala and Geoff Smith. It is informed by a previous accessibility guide written by Nicole Payer, Carly Hiebert and Natalie Hawryshkewich.