Downtown Vancouver Re-Imagined

Fri, 13 Nov 2015

Downtown Vancouver BIA (DVBIA)

11,000 Dreamers ‘Re-Imagined’ Downtown Vancouver as a Rain-proofed, Affordable Home for all in 2040

In 2040, downtown Vancouver will be:

  • a healthy, life-affirming place
  • a network of connected greenways and activated alleyways highlighted by art and businesses,
  • home to young families and seniors
  • affordable for anyone that wants to live there
  • home to multi-national headquarters with a distinctive skyline
  • ‘rain-proofed’ with retractable awnings
  • supported by relaxed liquor regulations resulting in a renaissance of cafes and restaurants
  • where all downtown employees earn a living wage.

These are just some of the specific ‘how to’ ideas creating a vision for downtown in 2040 that is a 24/7 ‘mash up’ of commerce, culture, creativity and community, according to the 11,000 residents, business people and visitors who weighed in as part of the Downtown Vancouver BIA’s Re-Imagine process this past summer.The Re-Imagine process was co-managed with SFU Public Square. 

The new vision for downtown Vancouver over the next 25 years includes an equitable, sustainable and friendly city that celebrates its waterfront setting. Where protected nature and creative urbanism successfully cohabit. Where digital technology is embraced. And, where our equal distance from Asia and Europe positions us as a city of influence.

“I want to congratulate the DVBIA on engaging thousands of Vancouverites in developing a new vision for a vibrant downtown,” said Mayor Robertson. “It's great to see such a strong outpouring of public support for city priorities such as increasing public space and making it easier to walk, bike, and take transit in our downtown. I look forward to delving deeper into the report and hearing broader public feedback on it.”

Next Steps

The DVBIA launched its report to its members on November 5, 2015. The report is available at for community groups, businesses and the City to use to help implement ideas that most resonate with them. The DVBIA will use the research to inform its new five-year strategic plan. 

The DVBIA represents 8,000 property owners and tenants in the 90-blocks of the central business district and downtown south. Strategically, is supports access to downtown by all modes of transportation. It is in its 25th year of operation. 

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