What is Sustainable Energy Engineering (SEE)?

Sustainable Energy Engineering (SEE) is a new school within Simon Fraser University's Faculty of Applied Sciences. Classes are hosted in a new state-of-the-art building at SFU's Surrey campus. This engineering field involves the development of solutions for the harvesting, storage, transmission and use of energy, with careful consideration of economic, environmental, societal and cultural implications.

Why is it important?

It is increasingly clear that the solutions we develop and deploy for energy systems will only be viable over the long term if they are designed in a genuinely interdisciplinary way. The design process must consider not only the technologies involved, but also the ways in which they fit into the wider context of existing infrastructure, policy and regulatory frameworks, ecological systems, and cultural realities. As a society we are becoming more aware of the urgent need for sustainable energy solutions, and these can only be realized if we provide people with the education and experience to become leaders in the field.

Why is SFU well-positioned to offer this program?

SFU is an ideal place for the SEE program. Members in several faculties are already producing world-class research in alternative energy conversion, power electronics, hydrogen systems and materials, energy systems modeling, economics, policy and infrastructure. Additionally, SFU has a vibrant landscape of sustainability initiatives and organizations that are weaving sustainable thinking and practices into the community’s mindset. The university has a strong history of innovative programs, and a culture that embraces change and collaboration. Given SFU’s central focus on community engagement, there is every opportunity for the program to have a real and meaningful impact.