Program Planning

In order to graduate, you must complete the requirements for a specific degree program. Examples of such programs are a Bachelor of Applied Sciences with a major in Engineering Science.

You are not required to choose or declare a major in your first year, but it is a good time to try some different courses to narrow your choices. We recommend that first year students use their WQB requirements as a chance to study interests outside their major as these units will still count toward their degree.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the different programs we offer. See Degree planning.
  2. Start taking required courses within the different programs that interest you. As long as you meet the prerequisites for the course, you do not have to be admitted to the specific program to take the lower division (100 and 200 level) courses. For example, a student admitted to the Faculty of Science may enrol in an introductory Political Science course.
  3. Once you have chosen a program (most students do so by the end of their second year, upon completion of 60 units), speak to an Academic Advisor to see if you meet the program's admission requirements for declaring a major, as different programs have different admission requirements.

What do you need to complete your degree?

The Academic Progress Report (APR) will help you figure out what you need to take to complete your program. Use the My Planner tool to plan courses ahead of time and to enrol in courses.

Find a program

Go to the A-Z list and find your program. Want to explore? Look at each of our faculties and see the possibilities.

Degree Requirements


WQB is an acronym for Writing, Quantitative, and Breadth requirements. You must complete the WQB requirements in order to graduate. Writing, Quantitative, and Breadth are different designations that apply to a wide variety of courses at SFU. If you complete one of these courses with a C- or better, it may be applied towards the completion of your WQB requirements.

College transfer students with 60 units should consider completing some W, Q and B transferable courses at their college before being admitted to SFU.

For more information on the WQB requirements }

FAN X99 and FAL X99

Foundations of Academic Literacy (FAL) and Foundations of Analytical and Quantitative Reasoning (FAN) are prerequisites for W and Q courses, respectively. Not all students will have to take FAN and/or FAL. However, if you are required to take FAN and/or FAL, you must complete them within your first three enrolled terms.

You may be exempt from taking FAL or FAN if you meet the following requirements. These exemptions are subject to change; please contact Admissions to determine whether or not you are exempt. For further information, review the literacy and quantitative requirements