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Visit our Accessibility Information Page to find detailed information about our office and its accessibility considerations.

Note-Taking Responsibilities

Volunteer Note-takers

  • Contact the CAL to apply for the note-taking position
  • Maintain the confidentiality of the student for whom you are taking notes
  • Make sure that notes are legible and comprehensive
  • Attend each class
  • Upload a copy of your notes promptly following classes
  • Contact the CAL immediately if for some reason you are unable to continue as a note-taker, so that other arrangements can be made (e.g., if you change your schedule or drop that class)
  • If the student note-taker has provided satisfactory service throughout the duration of the semester, the student will receive a $100 SFU bookstore gift certificate. For students providing note-taking services for less than a month, services will be pro-rated

Students Receiving Note-Taking Assistance

  • Consult with a CAL Disability Access Advisor prior to the start of the semester to determine eligibility for assistance with note-taking. This is considered an academic accommodation and is provided only if recommended in the Accommodation Form prepared for you by a Learning Assistant.
  • Students eligible for assistance from the volunteer note-taking program must confirm with the CAL whether notes for courses are available online or through other means, before volunteer services can be accessed.
  • Discuss note-taking assistance and other options for acquiring copies of lecture materials with your instructor
  • Identify how you would prefer notes to be delivered (in-person, through the CAL online system).
  • Access notes in a timely manner or at least once a week.
  • Inform note-takers and the CAL immediately regarding any problems with notes - if they are incomplete, always late, not very readable, etc. Since the program is volunteer, we rely on you to let us know if there are problems.
  • Be aware that last minute requests for notes cannot be accommodated
  • Attend all classes. The volunteer note-taking program is intended to supplement lecture notes and in class learning, not replace them.
  • Let the CAL and note-taker know if you drop a course or add a course for which you need notes.

Centre for Accessible Learning

In the process of providing note-taking assistance to eligible students with disabilities, the CAL recognizes its responsibilities to:

  • Request and review documentation relating to a student’s disability to determine whether they are eligible to receive note-taking assistance.
  • Provide information to volunteer note-takers regarding their responsibilities.
  • Assist students and volunteers in resolving any issues that arise with note-taking services.
  • Encourage students to take a pro-active role in developing a relationship with their instructor and note-taker.
  • Support faculty members around providing note-taking assistance as needed.