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Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL)
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Visit our Accessibility Information Page to find detailed information about our office and its accessibility considerations.

Academic Planning


Course Selection

When students are selecting courses, they should consider their abilities, stamina, and long-term plan for success. Taking a reduced course load can make the difference between a mediocre or impressive GPA, or draw the line between comfortable and overworked. If you find that you have “bitten off more than you can chew” and missed the deadlines for withdrawing, we encourage you to contact us.

Add-Drop Period

When checking out courses in the first week of classes, students should pay attention to the work requirements found in each course outline. Are they realistic, considering individual strengths and weaknesses? Do classes have multiple-choice finals; do they require 300 pages of reading a week? Choose courses that result in a balanced and manageable workload. Students are encouraged to shop around, talk to other students ,and not be shy to drop a course.

Deadlines & fees

Find key deadlines for undergraduates and important dates for graduate students on the SFU Student Services website.

Students should pay attention to add-drop and withdrawal deadlines, to avoid paying unnecessary fees or getting unwanted letter grades on transcripts. If you need help with assessing workload and planning your term, make an appointment to come in to talk with a Disability Access Advisor.

Course Withdrawals

Students registered at the Centre for Accessible Learning should follow the current withdrawal procedures as set out in the current University Calendar. However, students who must withdraw from classes after the fifth day of classes due to a change in their disability should include with the appropriate forms a letter from the Centre indicating documentation has been received confirming the extenuating circumstances. Where applicable, the letter from the Centre should also contain an explanation of why an application is being made for a selective retroactive withdrawal.

Extensions on Assignments – A Last Resort!

If a student requires an extension on an assignment for valid reasons related to their disability, the CAL will consider supporting his or her request. An extension on an assignment is not an automatic accommodation. Contact us for more information.

Plan ahead!

Do not wait until you are feeling the crunch before requesting help or advice. The CAL provides services and counselling on an ongoing basis. If you are finding that your workload is overwhelming in light of your disability, come in to talk with your Disability Access Advisor. We can assist you in finding a solution. SFU Health and Counselling Services are also available to provide support in stressful times. Managing the demands of university life can be difficult under the best conditions, so don’t feel shy to ask for assistance.