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Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL)
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Visit our Accessibility Information Page to find detailed information about our office and its accessibility considerations.

Academic Planning

Priority Registration

Students who need specialized supports (such as guaranteed access to a physically accessible classroom) or require certain technology aids may receive priority registration and advance notification of acceptance into a course or program. Eligibility for priority registration is the same as eligibility for any other accommodation: it must be supported by professional disability documentation and be recommended in consultation with a Disability Access Advisor. If you think you qualify for priority registration or would like more information, please contact us.

Reduced Course Load, Course Substitution and Program Modifications

Reduced Course Load as an Accommodation

Services offered by the CAL are available to both full and part-time SFU students. For some students registered with the CAL, a reduced course load will be recommended as an academic accommodation. It is important to discuss this with a Disability Access Advisor and an academic advisor within your Faculty for appropriate course planning advice. Please note that reducing a course load may have implications if you are receiving a student loan or financial assistance.  If it is deemed appropriate by the CAL, we can write a statement for the university recommending that you be provided with full-time equivalency for eligibility requirements for SFU scholarships and bursaries.

Program Modifications and Course Substitution

Modifications to your program and course load reductions may be available for eligible students with disabilities, as determined on the basis of their submitted disability documentation and in consultation with a Disability Access Advisor. In cases where course substitutions are requested, the student and representatives from the department or faculty and the CAL will meet in order to discuss an appropriate substitution. If the department or faculty determines that there is no appropriate course substitution, the student will receive written notification. This notification will include the rationale as to why the course is considered an essential component of their program.

Minimum Credit Hour Waivers

University scholarships and bursaries set minimum units per term requirements for applicants. According to the current SFU Access Policy for Students with Disabilities, these may be modified or waived for applicants with documented disabilities. Contact us for more information and assistance in arranging the waiver.