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Typical costs - International: 2015-2016

Estimated costs for International students studying at Simon Fraser University

2015 - 16 COSTS



based on 5 courses (3 units each)
based on a full-time research term
Student fees $350 $350
Books and supplies $1,020 $1,000
Campus Residence (average costs for a single student)
$2,768 $3,320
Student Society Health and Dental plan for students (note: students pay once, covers entire year) ***
$198 $226
BC Medical Services Plan (Primary Medical Insurance) ***
$288 $288
Food (based on Residence meal plan)
$1,650 $1,650


$17,070 / term

$8,586 / term

* Exceptions: tuition fees at the 200 level and above offered by the Faculty of Business Administration, the School of Computing Science, and the School of Engineering Science are higher: see Undergraduate tuition fees.

** Graduate tuition fees vary by program.

*** Student Society Health and Dental plan fees are normally paid at one time for the entire year. The Medical Services Plan, MSP, is paid directly to the government but is included here as a cost incurred to the student in a given term. New International Students are required to have short term primary medical insurance at $247 as of September 1, 2015 under in an SFU undergraduate, graduate or exchange program. More information can be found on our Medical Insurance FAQ.