World Literature Student Conference 2020

Art and Defiance: Narratives of Disobedience 

LIVE Q&A ON FRIDAY NOVEMBER 20, 2020 | 3:30-4:30PM PST
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Each year, undergraduates from SFU’s World Languages and Literatures Department host an interdisciplinary academic student conference addressing cultural, social, and aesthetic frames of reference.  Our panels range across literature, cinema, & the image, and investigate the socio-political, cultural, and literary fallouts of cross-national encounters.

This year's conference theme is "ART & DEFIANCE: NARRATIVES OF DISOBEDIENCE." annual event. Does art have to defy the stories a society tells itself? Whether in art, media, culture, or social confrontation, cultural narratives arrange today’s complexities into a neat, linear package, pressing ideas and people that do not fit into the margins. Can disobedient narratives force us to see a different image? In our era of unstable social formations and cross-cultural exchange, stories shape and are shaped by the way we view the world. At the same time, narratives of disobedience allow people to reassert themselves back into the stories they tell. This interdisciplinary SFU conference seeks to examine conflicting narratives alongside contexts in which defiance acts as a medium of expression.

Our 6th annual conference is an interactive INTERDISCIPLINARY VIRTUAL EVENT. Student work will be posted on a mixed-media web platform for viewers to read, watch, and engage with. Then, on Friday November 20, 2020, we will meet for a virtual Q&A session where presenters will have a chance to speak about their work and answer any questions from the audience.

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