• Each year, undergraduates from SFU’s World Languages and Literatures Department host an interdisciplinary academic student conference addressing cultural, social, and aesthetic frames of reference. 
  • Our panels range across literature, cinema, & the image, and investigate the socio-political, cultural, and literary fallouts of cross-national encounters.


The beauty of a fragment is that it still supports the hope of brilliant completeness – Tobias Wolff

Tobias Wolff’s quotation invites us to consider the notion of how completeness transcends fragmentation.  Yet are not fragments themselves beautiful?  How can the way in which we tell stories expose the beauty in fragmentation? In the midst of the current global pandemic and an escalating climate crisis, our world seems more divided and yet more inextricably entangled than ever.  Conversations such as these inform the theme of the 2022 World Literature Student Conference, BEAUTIFUL FRAGMENTS: STORIES OF EMPATHY & ENTANGLEMENT. 

Fragmentation has often been seen as an act of destruction, but we recognize its potential as a process of narrative becoming.  Such processes force us to see the beauty in human & cultural difference.

This year’s theme may ask us to consider the healing power of narrative as a means of forming connections in our increasingly divided world. 

SFU’s World Languages and Literatures Student Union invites students of all faculties to explore topics pertaining to fragmentation, connection, cultural difference, ecological entanglement, and the empathetic power of the narrative. 

Our 7th annual conference will be a HYBRID IN PERSON & VIRTUAL EVENT. Student work will be presented live at a Halpern Centre with an accompanying live stream on Zoom.

We invite undergraduates across all SFU faculties & year levels to submit proposals for the conference.  ALL VIRTUAL FORMATS will be considered—artwork, creative texts or recordings, film shorts, recorded “papers” and so on!  We encourage presentations which use different perspectives, including geopolitical, postcolonial, linguistic, psychological, or environmental approaches.  All submissions will be treated with equal attention & confidentiality.  A completed project is not needed at the time of proposal, only a short abstract or description of 100+ words.

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