SFU Woodward's Cultural Programs (SFUW) engages with leading edge artists in dance, theatre, cinema, music and digital arts; provoking new practices and approaches reflecting the everchanging landscape of contemporary arts. 

Create- SFUW commissions and co-presents select projects on an annual basis.

Engage- SFUW works with over 25 professional cultural partners representing diverse communities across the Lower Mainland.

Inspire- Working with leading artists, locally and internationally. SFUW aspires to find new artistic expresssions capturing contemporary voices in our society. 

Upcoming Events

COMPAÑÍA ROCÍO MOLINA (SPAIN)The enfant terrible of Flamenco, Rocío Molina brings her masterwork Fallen from Heaven (Caída del Cielo) to Vancouver. Channeling multiple incarnations – fetishistic matador, bloodied avenging angel – Molina crushes expectations, reinventing classical form with anarchic punk energy and polymorphous perversity. September 27-30, 2023 | 8pm | Co-presented with DanceHouse and Vancouver Flameno Festival 

Lebanese Film Festival in Canada – Vancouver Edition The Lebanese Film Festival, Vancouver Edition, is a vibrant celebration of Lebanese cinema, culture, and storytelling. This annual event, held in the heart of Canada’s west coast, serves as a bridge between Lebanon and the diverse community of Vancouver. Showcasing a rich selection of Lebanese films. It provides an enthralling exploration of the country’s historical narratives, societal dynamics, and creative expressions. September 22-25, 2023 | SFU Woodward's Cultural Programs is a proud Partner Cultural Partner | Tickets

CreativeMornings Vancouver Kristy O’Leary (in person) October’s global theme is ‘endurance’ and we are excited to welcome local creative consultant,
 multidisciplinary systems 
thinker, and B Corp Ambassador Kristy O'Leary. Oct 6, 2023 • 8:15 AM – 10:00 AM PDT • SFU Woodward's — Goldcorp Centre for the Arts | Free with Registration


Since our inception, in 2010 SFUW continues to commission, produce, and present over 200 events per year.

Commissions- SFUW engages leading artists with new their new creations a minimum of two years in advance.

Produces- Residencies, developmental workshops, and artistics incubations are critical aspects of the process. Through access to our venues, artists are permitted an artistic the necessary tools to further their creations. 

Presents- SFUW presents in partnership with over 25 professional cultural community partners, reflecting diversity and inclusivity of the Lower Mainland. 

Support us

Originality requires great talent, experimenting, research and time. SFUW works within a very modest budget. Our patrons often comment that we hit far above our weight. Our practice is to stretch a dollar tenfold. This approach is crucial to the success of our process. With this discipline there is still a gap. Please help support these visionaries to provoke and inspire new worlds to bring greater clarity and beauty to our lives.


By supporting professional activities through partnerships, SFUW engages multiple cultural communities including our immediate inner-city community where we work. The SFUW partnership portfolio is our largest undertaking built on recurring relationships since our beginnings in 2010. Most of our presentations are Vancouver based given the outstanding qualities of our GCA venues. SFUW will begin cross locating many of these partnerships to our Burnaby and Surrey Campuses as the university embraces a greater role for arts and culture to further enhance the student experience.

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