Aboriginal Cultural & Research Protocols and Territorial Acknowledgments

The Office for Aboriginal Peoples at Simon Fraser University has been approached numerous times by people asking about the different terminology used to describe the Aboriginal/Indigenous Peoples of Canada/North America. Such terms include Aboriginal, Indigenous, First Peoples, First Nations, Native, Native Indian, Indian, Native Canadian, Native North American, Native American, Metis, Inuit, Eskimo, et al. It is usually the case that different terminology is preferred and thus used by different people and groups in different settings, including in various units around Simon Fraser University. The short memorandum/paper within is designed to introduce visitors to this topic and to provide a cursory explanation regarding the usage of these different names in society and around the campus. It should be stated up front, that the explanation within is by no means comprehensive nor is it meant as the definitive word on this topic.

Aboriginal-Indigenous Terminology short paper/memorandum. (Updated, November 2020)

A Note on Terminology from the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples and the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami. Click here