The archaeology and media team at work. Photo courtesy Nancy Turner.

Website re-awakens thousands of years of Heiltsuk Nation voices

December 22, 2021

A new website that illuminates thousands of years of Heiltsuk Nation (formerly Bella Bella) voices and history is the result of more than eight years of collaboration between the Heiltsuk people, Simon Fraser University, University of Victoria, the Hakai Institute, and producers from Greencoast Media.

“Húỳat: Our Voices our Land” ( documents the history of the Heiltsuk People who have been living on B.C.’s Central Coast for millennia. The website integrates ethnoecological, archaeological, anthropological knowledge with audio-visual techniques.

From mountaintop to ocean floor, the website features many different kinds of knowledge, such as oral traditions, archaeology, and memories and language. Much of the site’s information was collected by SFU and University of Victoria students during archaeological digs. Húỳat is one of the oldest archaeological sites in B.C.