Please Note: Nominations for the 2018 Outstanding Alumni Awards is now closed. Recipients are expected to be announced in the summer of 2018.

Simon Fraser University alumni, students, faculty, staff and members of the general community are invited to nominate candidates for the SFU Outstanding Alumni Awards.

Since 1983, the Alumni Association of Simon Fraser University annually honours outstanding graduates who have made significant contributions.

Nominations - Terms of Reference

1.     The purpose of the Outstanding Alumni Awards is to:

  • recognize the important contributions that SFU alumni are making to the world
  • celebrate and honour alumni who have consistently demonstrated outstanding achievementsbring attention and profile to Simon Fraser University and the high calibre of alumni it produces
  • connect the alumni community, the university community and the wider community
  • strengthen alumni pride and affinity to SFU and the Alumni Association

2.     To be considered for an Outstanding Alumni Award, nominees must be SFU graduates who hold an SFU senate-approved degree, diploma or certificate. This includes honorary degrees and PDP teacher certification.

3.     "Outstanding" will be characterized by qualities including but not limited to:

  • prominence and acclaim in their chosen field consistent and comprehensive record of excellence and achievement beyond the norm
  • persistent effort and courage in the face of adversity
  •  innovative and effective approaches to challenging problems

4.     The call for nominations will be issued by the SFU Alumni Association.

5.     Four awards are usually given each year, in one or more of the following categories: academic achievement, arts and culture, athletic achievement, service to the community, professional achievement, public service, and service to the university. More than one award per category may be given and some categories may have no award. A deserving candidate may be named a “Rising Star” in any category.

6.     Nominations are welcome from anyone (not just limited to members of the SFU community).

7.     No posthumous awards are given.

8.     A selection committee comprised of past award winners and appointees from the Alumni Association Board of Directors and Association membership will review nominations and recommend award recipients for approval by the Association's Board of Directors. Nominators and recipients will be notified in the fall, and awards are usually presented at a ceremony in the New Year.

9.     Recipients must be available to participate in the ceremony to receive the award.

Nominations - Procedures

Everyone is invited to nominate candidates for SFU Outstanding Alumni Awards by completing the information required in the nomination form.

Confidentiality is assured:  Nominations will be handled in a confidential and secure manner. Nominees are not informed of their nomination or status by the Alumni Association unless they are selected as a recipient. Nominators may, at their discretion, inform nominees that they have been nominated. Unsuccessful nominees will not be contacted by the Alumni Association.

Please complete the nomination form fully. If we feel the nomination package is not complete or informative enough, we may contact you for more information.

What you need to complete the nomination package

The nomination package is to be completed online, including uploading all supporting documents. As you go through the nomination package, you have the option to save and come back to it at a later date.

We recommend gathering all the pieces outlined below in advance of completing the nomination package.

The nomination package contains six sections:

SECTION 1: Candidate's Contact Information (home/business) & SFU credentials

SECTION 2: Nominator's (Your) Information (home/business)

SECTION 3: Award Category (select the categories that best fit the nominee)

SECTION 4: The SFU Alumni Association and SFU Alumni Relations hold all nominations in confidence.  If you have chosen to alert the graduate of your nomination, please indicate it in this section.

SECTION 5: Answering five questions

1. How has this graduate differentiated themself in their given field or area of expertise (e.g. what sets them apart from their peers)? (e.g. what makes this individual truly outstanding compared to others in their area?) [500 word max]

2. What impact has this graduate and their work had within their discipline or area of focus? (e.g. in what way has society benefited from this individual’s contribution?) [500 word max]

3.  Outside of their regular area of focus, what additional impact or involvement does this individual have within their community? (e.g. volunteer activities, affiliations with organizations, etc.) [250 word max]

4. In what way(s) can this individual be considered an inspiration to current students? [250 word max]

5. To your knowledge, has this individual received any previous award, accolades, recognition for their impact in their area of work? If so, please describe. [250 word max]

SECTION 6: Uploading reference letters

  • A minimum of 2 and maximum of 5 letters of reference
  • Note: If you are unable to upload these documents, you can provide the Alumni Relations Office with hard copies by the deadline.

Award Categories

Academic Achievement

Profound activities in academic research, teaching, program development, and/or educational administration.

Previous recipients include (video):

Arts and Culture

Prominence and acclaim in the fine, performing, literary, and/or applied arts.

Previous recipients include (video):

Athletic Achievement

Superlative performance in and/or service to professional or amateur sport.

Previous recipients include (video):

Professional Achievement

Impressive achievement in the graduate's field of professional or career endeavor.  This includes but is not limited to:  business, social services, sciences, medicine and law.

Previous recipients include (video):

Public Service

Remarkable contributions in the field of public administration and policy development; notable service in elected or appointed positions at local, provincial, state, national or international levels.

Previous recipients include (video):

Service to the Community

Notable service and/or contributions to the welfare and advancement of local, national or international communities.

Previous recipients include (video):

Service to the University

Professional or voluntary activities undertaken on behalf of Simon Fraser University, the Alumni Association, or other organizations affiliated with Simon Fraser University.

Previous recipients include:

  • D'Arcy Warner, MBA
  • Milton Wong, LLD

Additionally, the Selection Committee may consider a Rising Star award within any category if a nominee is identified who demonstrates outstanding personal and/or professional achievement early in her or his career and displays promise of significant future accomplishment.