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Since SFU opened its doors in 1965, our alumni community has grown exponentially. Today our alumni span all ages and all parts of the world. A majority make their home in British Columbia. Others can be found across Canada and in countries around the world. 

SFU alumni are experiencing a true coming of age. They are assuming positions of leadership in their chosen professions. They are providing invaluable service to their communities. They are making a significant impact on the world around them.

You can read about some of our amazing alumni in the SFU Alumni Appreciation Project.

Alumni Statistics - as of March 31, 2014

Alumni Volunteers

Alumni Board of Directors
Among our most dedicated volunteers are the Alumni Association Board of Directors who represent more than 130,000 SFU alumni.

Board of Governors
ElioLuongo, BBA '83
Bill Cunningham, MBA '95

Friends of the Library Committee
Hugh Lindsay, Cert '84, PBD '92

University Senate
Tracey Leacock, CLA '92, BA (Hons) '92
Jennifer McRae, BA '10
Colin Percival, BSc (Hons) '01
Rob McTavish, BA '97, MA '02, PhD '10

Excellence in Teaching Committee
Bernie Maroney, MBA '06
Larry Hayes, BA 82

Alumni Group Representatives
SFU graduates in Canada and around the world help keep the alumni spirit strong through participation as Alumni Representatives and in Alumni Groups. These dedicated volunteers organize social events, professional development opportunities, and other activities for alumni. They assist with student recruitment efforts, serve as ambassadors for SFU in their respective communities and they help strengthen the communication and connection between the university and our alumni.