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Since SFU opened its doors in 1965, our alumni community has grown exponentially. Today our alumni span all ages and all parts of the world. A majority make their home in British Columbia. Others can be found across Canada and in countries around the world. 

SFU alumni are experiencing a true coming of age. They are assuming positions of leadership in their chosen professions. They are providing invaluable service to their communities. They are making a significant impact on the world around them.

You can read about some of our amazing alumni in the SFU Alumni Appreciation Project.

Alumni Statistics

The 2015/16 alumni statistics will be updated by May 31, 2016.

Alumni Leadership

Alumni Association Board of Directors

Please visit our "Board of Directors" page for more information.

University Governance


  • Anne Giardini, BA ’80

Board of Governors

  • Bill Cunningham, MBA ’95 (Chair, Jan. 2015 - present)
  • Mike Cordoba, BBA ‘88
  • Jo Hinchliffe, MA ‘02
  • Christopher Lewis, BA ‘05


  • Sylvia Gajdics, MEd ‘13
  • Tracey Leacock, CLA ‘92, BA (Hons) ‘93
  • Rob McTavish, BA ‘97, MA ‘02, PhD ‘11
  • Colin Percival, BSc (Hons) ‘01

Excellence in Teaching Awards Committee

  • Bernie Maroney, MBA ‘07
  • Larry Hayes, BA ‘82

Alumni Relations Staff

  • John Grant, BA ‘06, GDBA ‘11, MEd ‘13, Director
  • Allison Lambert, BA ‘02, MEd ‘13, Marketing and Programs
  • Lisa Jung, BA ‘98, CLA ‘99, Events and Programs
  • Miyuki Moizumi, BA ‘01, CLA ‘07, PDP ‘07, BED ‘07, Events Assistant
  • Chika Buston, BA ‘13, CLA ‘13, PDP ‘07, BED ‘07, Program Assistant
  • Bethany Chang, BA ‘16, Marketing Assistant