We want to make sure that your first day at camps is as simple and easy as possible! If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

2. OPTIONAL: Complete the Participant Inclusion Form (For Participants Requiring Special Assistance)

  • If your child has additional needs, we would love to work with you to collaborate on how to best accommodate your child's needs.
  • Please complete our inclusion form to provide additional information. Our Camp Services team will work with you to try and provide the best possible experience for your child. 

3. Pack Your Bags - Check the Welcome to Camp Letter for Details

What To Bring What Not to Bring
Water & Snacks Money
Lunch (if applicable) Cell Phone
Sunscreen Electronic Devices
Athletic Shoes Valuables
Hat Food with nuts
Change of Clothes (if applicable)


4. Double Check Our Parking Map

  • You can find a PDF version of our parking map HERE.
  • We recommend double checking our parking map before leaving for camp.
  • Upon arriving on campus, you will notice white signs with red letters providing directions. You will also find parking attendants in the parkade. Please follow all directions provided by the parking attendants.
  • You will be given 20 minutes of complimentary parking during sign-in and sign-out. Should you receive a parking ticket, please let us know immediately.

(778) 782-4965