Instructor Application - Summer 2024

Instructions & Information


  • This is PART 1 of the online application for Camps Instructor. After submitting the form you will be redirected to another page for PART 2 where you will be asked to submit your resume.
    • We must receive both parts of your application for it to be considered. 
    • If you are not redirected to PART 2 or experience other technical difficulties, please email us. 
  • Main requirements of position (please refer to the Job Posting for complete list of requirements, commitments and responsibilities) 
    • Must be 16 years old by June 24, 2024.
    • Must submit a Criminal Record Check prior to start date. Instructions and criteria will be provided upon job offer. 
    • Must submit a valid Standard First Aid & CPR-C certification prior to start date (Emergency First Aid will NOT be accepted).
    • Must be available for full time hours (8:00AM-4:00PM, Monday to Friday) for the duration of the position. Time off requests are reviewed and accepted on a case-by-case basis dependent on available coverage and support. 
      • Note: Hours will vary for Post-Care positions. Please see Camp Descriptions for details. 
  • All camps operate out of the SFU Burnaby campus and staff are responsible for their own transportation to and from campus. 

Questions? Check out the Staff FAQ first then email us at

Instructor Application - Summer 2024

Personal Information

Please double check spelling and formatting.

SFU Camps Experience

This section is to document past work or volunteer experience with SFU Camps. If this is not applicable to you, please skip to next section on application, Related Work Experience.

What position did you hold with SFU Camps?
Check all that apply.
Competitive responses will be 150-300 words

Related Work Experience

Please select 1-2 work experiences from your resume and expand on them in this section. You are welcome to also use volunteer experiences.

Competitive applications will have minimum 1 paid experience working directly with children/youth. 

Experience #1 (required)

Point form is preferred
Competitive responses will be 150-300 words

Experience #2 (optional)

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Please provide a reference who can speak to your experiences, interests, and abilities relevant to the position with SFU Camps. References cannot be a family member or close personal friend. 

Note: We will contact references after the phone screening stage so please make sure your references are aware you are providing their contact information and that they are routinely checking the email address. 

Please double check spelling and formatting

Camp Preferences

Please take the time to read through the camp descriptions here. Pay attention to the typical shift times and the specific details about each camp. 

Candidates will be considered for all camps selected, so the more camps you choose the more your application will stand out. 

Please select any other camps you would like to be considered for

Phone Availability 

All applicants can expect to be contacted for a phone interview within two weeks of you submitting this application. Successful applicants will then be invited to a panel interview once applications close. 

Please indicate below your preferred day and time for a phone interview in the next two weeks. You can expect the phone interview to last up to 20 minutes. 


  • If you submit your application on February 13th, we will call you for a screening interview by February 27th 
  • If you submit your application on March 1, we will call you by March 15th

Additional Comments

Applicant Consent and Signature

By typing my name in the box below, I confirm that all the information provided in this form is truthful and has been filled out to the best of my ability. I confirm that I, the applicant was the one to complete this application and that no one else completed this application on my behalf. I understand that I will be required to attend all interview components AND all training sessions to be able to work with SFU Camps & Youth Programs. I also understand that should I be offered a position with SFU Camps, I will be required to undergo a criminal record check, be Standard First Aid &CPR-C certified, and submit all required documents  before my position start date.

Please read over your application form before hitting submit to ensure that it is completed to the best of your ability and all required sections are filled in. Once hitting submit, you will be redirected to a page where you will submit your resume. We must receive both parts of your application, this form and your resume, for your application to be considered complete.