Help! I have questions about i>clicker

Why won’t my iclicker turn on?

Once you remove your i<clicker from its packaging, make sure you pull the tab from the back of the remote to activate the batteries. If you have a used clicker, check the batteries.

There seems to be a lot of different looking clickers out there. Does it matter what I use?

As long as they are i<clicker remotes, they will work. Currently, students are using i<clicker, i<clicker+ and i<clicker 2. If you purchase a new i<clicker it will be an i<clicker+.

Can I share my i>clicker remote with my roommate?

As long as you are not taking the same class at the same time, you can share an i>clicker remote.

Can I use my i>clicker in multiple classes?

Yes you can use your i>clicker in multiple classes. You only need to register your i<clicker once.

My i>clicker remote number is no longer legible, what can I do?

Contact your instructor.

My clicker is lost or stolen. Can you help me track it down?

Unfortunately there is no way for us to track it down. You can check with security.