(Most of the...) Group photo, December 2019
From L-to-R: TJ McColl, Aaron Pearson, D. Clarke, Ian Coccimiglio, Kyle Dumont, Chelsea Ribeiro, Jasdeep Dhanjal.

Current personnel:

Name Level Project theme(s)
Eliran Mizelman Ph.D. sport analytics - physiologically interpretable models of player tracking data
Ryan Brodie Ph.D. sport analytics - metrics and models for training load monitoring
TJ McColl
cellular adaptations - muscular hypertrophy
Ian Coccimiglio
muscle regeneration, co-supervised with Dr. Fabio Rossi, UBC School of Biomedical Engineering
Ken Peng
sports analytics - Bayesian inference, Ken is primarily supervised by Dr. Tim Swartz (SFU Statistics and Actuarial Science)

Lab alumni:

Name Level Project(s) Time in lab
Subsequent position
Kyle Dumont M.Sc. cellular adaptations - in vitro exercise model 2017-20 Ph.D. student, Karolinska Instituet
Chelsea Ribeiro
B.Sc. research assistant cellular adaptations - in vitro exercise model 2019-20 Physiotherapy, Australia
Aaron Pearson B.Sc. research assistant
evidence-based exercise programming, sports analytics 2017-20 M.Sc. student, Universite de Montreal, Kinesiology
Braeden Charlton B.Sc. - Honours thesis coach education in RED-S
2018-19 M.Sc. student, VU Amsterdam
Jasdeep Dhanjal B.Sc. - Honours thesis myoblast differentiation
2019-20 Respiratory therapy, Thompson Rivers University
Zhi Yuh Ou Yang B.Sc. research assistant sports analytics 2019-20 Statistician
Jaylene Pratt
B.Sc. research assistant
cellular adaptations - modeling of endurance training adaptations
2018-19 M.Sc. student, Wakeling Lab, SFU BPK
Sebastien Weber
B.Sc. research assistant
cellular adaptations- in vitro exercise model 2018-19 Physiotherapy, McGill U.
Clare Zheng Research assistant cellular adaptations - in vitro exercise model 2017-18 SFU Faculty of Applied Sciences, Administrative Assistant to the Dean
Timothy Rattan Volunteer
sports analytics 2017-18 Exercise physiologist
Jack Zhao
B.Sc. - Honours thesis cellular adaptations 2016-18 Coach, Twist Performance and Wellness
Pavneet Dhanoa B.Sc. - volunteer cellular adaptations 2017 B.Sc. (Honours) Kinesiology; Kinesiologist intern at CHANGEpain
Andreea Alexandrescu B.Sc. - USRA
cellular adaptations
2016 Master of Occupational Therapy, University of Manitoba
Jamie Riggs B.Sc. - USRA EBEP, cellular adaptations 2015-6 Medicine, Western University
David Ng B.Sc. EBEP 2014-5 M.Sc. Physiotherapy, Western University; MSK Injury Prevention Advisor @ Vancouver Coastal Health
Kristina Collins B.Sc. EBEP 2014-5 M.Sc., SFU BPK; M.Sc. in Occuptational Therapy student, University of Toronto
Maia Smith M.Sc. (rotation student) cellular adaptations (bioinformatics)
2015 M.Sc. Bioinformatics, UBC; AbCellera
Matthew Dinsdale B.Sc. EBEP 2014-5 Professional lacrosse player, training coach at Innovative Fitness Port Moody
Marc Sauer M.Sc (visiting student, Germany)
2014 STAPS, Germany