Personnel recruiting

Thank you for your interest in joining the Clarke Lab. I seek motivated and interesting people seeking advanced interdisciplinary training in quantitative exercise biology at the undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral levels.

I welcome inquiries from students and trainees with any background relevant to quantitative biology, including but not limited to kinesiology, physiology, molecular & cellular biology, statistics, bioinformatics, biophysics and biomedical engineering. The lab performs both computational and experimental work, such that personnel and trainees in both realms are desired.

Acceptance of graduate students is contingent on acceptance into a graduate program with which I am affiliated (BPK, SFU Bioinformatics and the NSERC-CREATE Training Program in High-Dimensional Bioinformatics). Prospective graduate students should therefore familiarize themselves with the policies of the program and SFU Graduate Studies.

Undergraduate students can join the lab in several ways including directed studies (BPK 496 or 498 or your department's equivalent), Honours thesis (BPK 497/499 or equivalent), co-operative education position, undergraduate student research awards (USRA), work-study, or volunteering. I prefer to supervise undergraduates in one or more of the for-credit opportunities prior to those that are paid.  

If you are keen on seeking a position, please email me your transcripts (unofficial is fine), an up-to-date curriculum vitae or resume, and a 1-to-2-page statement that describes your research experiences, your current research interests, your career goals, and how you think training in the Clarke Lab will help you achieve your goals while accommodating your research interests. Please also indicate if you are interested in focusing on computational or experimental work or a mixture of both.