Teaching and outreach

Mentoring and experiential learning

I provide mentorship and experiential learning opportunities for our majors, which help to customize and distinguish their degrees as they approach graduation.

In particular, I seek to mentor and provide opportunities for future exercise professionals (kinesiologists, personal trainers, strength & conditioning coaches, exercise physiologists) in evidence-based practice and applied research, because these skills are challenging to master through coursework alone.

I supervise directed studies courses for undergraduate (BPK 496, 498) and graduate students (BPK 805). Please follow the instructions listed here to apply.

I have supervised several directed studies within each of my research themes, many of which were community-based and co-supervised by working exercise professionals or sport scientists.

Evidence-based exercise programming Exercise-responsive cell signaling Sports analytics

Association between training-induced adaptations in thresholds and VO2peak

Hypoxia-inducible factor-1 signaling

Performance analysis of ski cross, co-supervised by Samantha Ebata, performance analyst with the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific

Principles of exercise programming (progressive overload, specificity)

Mathematical modeling of focal adhesion kinase signaling

Load and wellness monitoring in soccer, collaboration with SFU Men's Soccer Team
Time course of recovery Mechanotransduction in electrically stimulated myotubes
Dynamic modeling of fatigue in soccer, co-supervised by Dr. Aaron Danielson, SFU Statistics and Actuarial Science
Clinic-based directed studies in knee osteoarthritis, co-supervised by Dr. Jason Crookham, sport physician, formerly at Fortius Sport & Health Oxygen measurements in cultured cells  
Evidence-based shoulder assessments, co-supervised by Naomi Gilligan, kinesiologist Mountainview Health and Wellness)    
Evidence-based exercise programming: Cardiac rehabilitation case
Evidence-based exercise adherence    

We have also been fortunate to have developed an opportunity for students to conduct research in clinical exercise physiology, in a project co-supervised by Astrid De Souza, exercise physiologist at BC Children's Hospital.