Simon Fraser University's Cognitive Science Program offers students the opportunity to follow their curiosity as they put together a flexible interdisciplinary program of study from select course streams and core cognitive science courses. Cognitive Science is for students who are willing to ask questions and critically engage in a wide range of perspectives from different disciplines.

We offer a Major or Honours degree in Cognitive Science from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. A Minor in Cognitive Science can also be achieved alongside any major or other minor from any faculty.

The Cognitive Science degree from SFU equips students with the ability to communicate clearly; to critically evaluate evidence and data; to program and use computers; and to apply conceptual, analytical and interpersonal skills in a variety of situations. Cognitive scientists are creative in the questions they ask and can apply interdisciplinary approaches to the pursuit of the answers.

The multi-faceted nature of cognitive science study means that students will develop a variety of skills and knowledge, applicable to graduate study in a variety of fields. Alternately, our students are prepared to pursue employment positions in a range of career directions that value a liberal arts degree, problem solving/critical thinking, understanding of computer programing or the nature of human-computer interaction.

NOTE: For information about the P/CR/NC Elective Grade System, please refer to the general FAQ here.

For COGS coursework, please consult with the Undergraduate Advisors before choosing this option.

Students who choose the Elective Grade System for 100-level program requirements (for example, COGS 100 - Exploring the Mind, PHIL 100W - Knowledge and Reality, PSYC 100 - Intro Ψ I etc.), must obtain a P in the program requirement to apply the credits to their program for completion. Program requirements at the 200 level and above are excluded from the Elective Grade System.