Steering Committee

The COGS Steering committee provides guidance and support in the running of the Cognitive Science program, and makes decisions about curriculum and hiring.

Mark Blair (Cognitive Science and Psychology)
Associate Professor
Research interests: The interactions between attention and learning in a variety of contexts, including: category learning,  visual cognition, video game expertise, and recently, human computer interaction and virtual reality.

Endre Begby (Philosophy)
Research interests: Philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, political philosophy, metaphysics and epistemology, history of philosophy.
Burnaby Campus

John Alderete (Linguistics)
Research interests: Psycholinguistics, language production, linguistic documentation, phonology
Burnaby Campus: RCB 8117

Henny Yeung (Linguistics)
Research interests: First and second language acquisition; psycholinguistics; phonetics/phonology
Burnaby Campus:  RCB 8121

Kathleen Akins (Philosophy) 
Research interests: Philosophy of mind, philosophy of perception, philosophy of the cognitive sciences, self-described as "Theoretical Neuroscience"; present work on colour synaesthesia.
Burnaby Campus: WMX 4614
Phone:  (778)782-3328

Nancy Hedberg (Cognitive Science and Linguistics)
Research interests: Computational linguistics and cognitive science; syntax and semantics.

Elina Birmingham (Education)
Research interests: Social attention, eye tracking, scene viewing, face perception, autism spectrum disorders.
Burnaby Campus: DAC 007