The SFU ECCE in GIS consists of six primary members from the Geography Department, Faculty of Environment, various associated faculty members from different units at the university and Student Associates. The primary members are involved in delivering a variety of research, teaching and outreach activities related to Spatial and Geographic Information Sciences specializing in the theory and applications of spatial information, GIS, geocomputation, geosimulation, geovisualization and remote sensing. The academic research is organized within several research labs directed by Drs. Nadine Schuurman, Suzana Dragicevic, Nick Hedley, Bing Lu and Peter Keller. Our sixth member is Dr. Shiv Balram, University Lecturer, working in spatial decision-making, quantitative geography and GIS education. Drs. Shiv Balram and Suzana Dragicevic are coordinating the activities of SFU ECCE in GIS.