Kendra Munn (SFU Geography, MSc student) was awarded first place in the 2021 Esri Canada GIS Scholarship for SFU. Kendra's presented work focused on designing and developing 3D GIS-based multicriteria methods to improve spatial decision-making using ArcGIS and City Engine. She is an active student member of the SFU ECCE and has participated in several nationwide App Challenge competitions. Congratulations Kendra!

Roya Shourouni (SFU Geography, MSc student) was second place and awarded a cash prize in the 2021 Esri Canada GIS Scholarship for SFU. Roya's presented work focused on developing an ArcGIS toolbox for semantic trajectory construction and privacy protection. Congratulations Roya!

The SFU Esri Canada Centre of Excellence (SFU ECCE) within the Department of Geography was established in 2014 in recognition of the long-standing quality of GIS research in the Department of Geography. It represents an important network collaboration between industrial partner Esri Canada and the Faculty of Environment.