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Introducing Equilibrium: The SFU Economics Podcast, our brand new departmental podcast, featuring a rotation of graduate student hosts interviewing our faculty. Get their take on economics in the modern day, and learn about economics to get savvier about the world. Our podcast is hosted by a rotation of some of our most talented graduate students, and features our award-winning faculty discussing their research and their takes on economics-related topics. New episodes monthly.

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Bertille Antoine on Econometrics

November 7, 2018

This episode we’re bringing you Associate Professor Bertille Antoine in an interview with PhD candidate Thomas Vigie. Today’s show is all about econometrics: what it is, how Bertille got interested in it, and her recent work in the field. Thomas and Bertille discuss the relationship between economics research and decision making in public policy, and also the possibility of a widening gap between theoretical and applied research in economics.

David Jacks on International Trade and Economic History

October 10, 2018

This episode we bring you professor David Jacks interviewed by PhD student Ricardo Meilman Cohn. David specializes in international trade and economic history. He describes his latest research on the effects of alcohol prohibition in the United States and the role history plays in economics generally. David also gives his take on current international trade wars and the legalization of marijuana—all from a historical perspective.

Chris Bidner on Applied Economics

September 4, 2018

This episode features Associate Professor Chris Bidner in a conversation with Garrett Petersen, one of our PhD students. Chris and Garrett touch on a number of topics, including: applied economics, Chris' recent work on gender roles in marriage, and advice for prospective graduate and undergraduate students. You may recognize Garrett from his own podcast, the Economics Detective. You can check out that at economicsdetective.com.