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Economics is about understanding how decisions get made and to find answers to complex real-world questions, such as: Why are some countries poorer than others? Why is income inequality rising in Canada and around the world?

Studying economics provides a framework for thinking clearly about these issues. You will learn how to think logically and you can apply this knowledge to every aspect of your life. You will develop quantitative skills that will help you understand data by applying theory and modeling techniques.

Our graduates go on to a wide range of exciting careers such as business and financial analysts, government and policy advisors, investment and retail bankers, management consultants, pension advisors, entrepreneurs, journalists, and many more. Our alumni profiles feature CEOs, Presidents, and young professionals working in growing fields such as big data, natural resources, and much more. Explore where our graduates are working using the LinkedIn Alumni Tool.

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Your choice of major is only one of many factors that will influence your future career. Changes in technology, economic and political shifts and chance events can also play significant roles — and you will be changing as well. So look beyond your major when considering occupations, be open to ideas, and use your time at SFU to intentionally create your future. 

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