Admission and Enrollment

Who can apply?

  • French Immersion program and Programme francophone graduates
  • Students with French Language 12 (Core French)
  • IB program students
  • College and University transfer students
  • International students

Students must meet all of SFU's Admission requirements and demonstrate adequate competency in French as determined by the French Language Appraisal Test.

Note: Non-FCP students interested in enrolling in cohort-specific courses may contact the FCP Student Advisor for eligibility and registration permission. Consult the list of elective courses taught in French.

Apply for admission

Apply for scholarships

  • Awards and Bursaries
    Many awards and bursaries are available to students pursuing post-secondary education. There are also awards specifically for those pursuing post-secondary education in a second official language, such as the "Bursary for Post-secondary Education in French" and the "Bourse d’études de la FFCB."
  • French Cohort Program Endowment Fund
    The French Cohort Program Endowment Fund suppots the FCP Exchange Awards that are available to third-year FCP students in good academic standing who qualifiy for the exchange program at a francophone university.
  • Student loans
    Full-time undergraduate students may also be eligible for BC and Canada Student Loans.

Newly admitted?

Once admitted to SFU, you will be invited to attend an "Orientation Day" normally held in May. If unable to attend, it is important that you schedule a meeting with the FCP Student Advisor at a convenient time prior to the beginning of the Fall term, at which time you will write the French Language Appraisal Test. During your first term at SFU, we strongly encouraged you to meet with the Student Advisor to begin planning an individualized program of study tailored to your personal interests and needs.