French Language Support

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Did you know that the majority of students who choose a program in French at SFU have English or another language as their mother tongue?

We understand that it may seem daunting to study at university in a second or even third language; this is why OFFA and the Department of French have put in place several language support services to ensure your success.

For those enrolled in a program in French

French Cohort Program in Public and International Affairs

Do you have a big assignment to submit for one of your courses and need to focus on the content (and not on potential French language mistakes)? Take advantage of language support sessions to have your work reviewed so that you can understand your mistakes and improve your French. The language assistant normally offers 4 hours of linguistic support per week, with in person and Zoom sessions, during the Fall and Spring terms. Contact us to find out more:

The SFU Library also has a section of resources in French specifically for the French Cohort Program. Don't hesitate to consult this guide for your research and assignments, including citing guides: Ressources en science politique et histoire.

Department of French

The Department of French offers several in-person and online services to support all students enrolled in French classes.

WMC 1621 houses a drop-in computer lab where students have access to computers with French-language learning software (several also available online). The computer lab also houses a library of DVDs and French novels, which are available to all our students.

The Tutoring Center offers individual help to students with course material and written assignments as well as group conversation practice. You can also participate in the French Student Union (FSU), which organizes student activities including the French conversation club. For more information on student resources provided by the Department of French, contact

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Teacher Education Programs - French Module

Students enrolled in the Professional Development Program (PDP) or Professional Linking Program (PLP) - French Module at SFU's Faculty of Education have access, throughout their studies, to a person dedicated to supporting them on the linguistic level and in the writing of assignments and the preparation of oral presentations in French. For more details, contact:

Graduate Diploma, Master's and Doctoral Degree Programs in Education

Students enrolled in a graduate program in French at SFU's Faculty of Education have access, throughout their studies, to someone dedicated to supporting academic writing in French. It is not a document editing service, but rather an interactive effort that enables progress over time. For more details, contact:

Other resources available to everyone


Student Lounge at OFFA:
In the student lounge at OFFA, there are two computers with French grammar correction and writing assistance software: Antidote. Take advantage of this tool before you submit your work.

SFU Library:
The SFU Bennett Library has a large selection of French material and a dedicated librarian to help you find resources, as well as the Student Learning Commons offering various workshops.

External resources:

Language Portal of Canada

The portal provides free access to tools to improve your knowledge of French and English.