Student Resources

Linguistic Support

Students in the French Cohort Program have access to linguistic support outside of classes for their academic writing and oral presentations in French. This support is offered at the Department of French’s Tutoring Centre as well as at OFFA's Student Lounge.

OFFA's Student Lounge

Francophone and Francophile members of SFU can meet from 9am- 4:30pm, Monday to Friday, at OFFA's Student Lounge, located inside the Cornerstone Building, room 198-B. We encourage students to have their lunch or study in this French atmosphere. The lounge includes a multimedia library with resources in French (novels, non-fiction, magazines, films, music and more). There are three computers equipped with Antidote (French spellcheck program), as well as with 405 Exercices (beginner to advanced grammar).

Useful Links

OFFA has compiled a list of links to various services offered in French and to several associations and organizations within the Francophone and Francophile communities of BC and Canada.

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