Snow and Ice Removal Services

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During severe weather situations, Facilities Services is responsible for managing snow and ice from the intersection of Gaglardi Way and Burnaby Mountain Parkway throughout the Burnaby campus. The roads leading up to the campus, Gaglardi Way and Burnaby Mountain Parkway as well as the roads within UniverCity, are maintained by the City of Burnaby.

Given the geography and high elevation, Burnaby campus is more susceptible to snow and severe weather that can affect campus operations. The Vancouver and Surrey campuses may also experience severe weather but are not as susceptible to operational disruptions as the Burnaby campus.

Updates during severe weather

  • During severe weather situations, updates on campus conditions, classes or exams, including campus closures are posted on and on SFU's Twitter/X page
  • SFU Road Report provides updates on changing campus road conditions on Burnaby Mountain.
  • Download SFU Snap app on your mobile device and enable push notifications.
  • For more information on staying safe during severe weather situations, visit Safety & Risk Services
  • To report slippery conditions, contact Facilities Services service desk at 778.782.3582 or submit a Facilties Request

Priority severe weather maps

At SFU our goal is to maintain safe, accessible access to, from and around Burnaby Campus during winter conditions. 

The map above identifies priority roads, accessible entries, sidewalks and pathways that our crews work to maintain when dealing with a snow or ice event. Once priority routes are cleared, crews will focus on clearing other areas of campus.

In an severe winter weather event, choose routes which have been identified on the map in order to get where you need to go on campus safely and without incident. Once safely inside, stay inside! 

Priority walkways, ramps and stairs

Accessible and non-accessible

Roads and parking lots

Combined map with priority walkways, ramps, stairs, roads and parking lots

Snow and ice management at SFU

Our snow removal crew works around the clock to remove and manage snow and ice conditions on campus and do our best to be onsite in advance of an expected winter event. 

Our priorities

  • To make sure the campus is ready for regular operating hours
  • Prioritizing transit and emergency vehicle road access, accessible building entrances, sidewalks and pathways prior to the arrival of most students, faculty and staff.
  • As a preventative measure, a salt-brine solution is applied to improve safety before the onset of winter storm. This assists in maintaining safe roads when weather conditions accelerate, resulting in less road salt material being used over the course of a winter event, which minimizes our environmental impact. We typically prioritize brining roads, sidewalks, accessible pathways and some stairs when the weather starts to turn cold. 

When weather is extreme, we provide information to campus administration to inform key decision making and minimize disruptions.

More tips during severe weather

  • Accessible entranceways to campus buildings are prioritized for snow and ice removal. Please use these to ensure safest route inside.
  • Please be cautious around snow removal equipment when crew members are working as equipment may be noisy and conditions are challenging. 
  • Remember to dress well for winter conditions – good boots are essential.

Report slippery conditions

Submit a Facilities Request

Telephone: 778.782.3582