Research, Collections, Publications, Projects, Talks

2017 - 2019
SFU Gallery

Until 2019, SFU Gallery is focusing on research, collections, publications, projects, and talks. Rather than presenting continuous exhibitions, it will operate as a research centre for art and ideas that connect to SFU Galleries' many activities.

In all of SFU Galleries' programming - from exhibitions to the stewardship of the SFU Art Collection - research into art practices, attendant histories, philosophies and emergent discourses yield a unique space of possibility within culture and within our pedagogical context.

Watch for changing installations from the SFU Art Collection around SFU's various campuses; our growing publication activities that encourage critical writing and projects parallel to exhibitions and other events; focused talks on works from the collection from diverse perspectives at SFU Gallery; and projects that propose to use the SFU Gallery space differently.

In all of these activities, SFU Gallery will be asking: How can we create the conditions of emergence? How do we support risky thinking and new voices within an art context that connect deeply to a shared future?


For more information on our Research, Collections, Publications, Projects, Talks at SFU Gallery, click the links below.

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