Adam Bielka

MA Candidate

BA (hons), History, Simon Fraser University 2014

Supervisor: Paul Sedra

Research Description

My research examines how British Empire troop movements during the First World led to new cultural confrontations as previously unacquainted nationalities were forced to interact. In particular, I explore how Australasians and their conceptions of race affected British imperial rule in the Egyptian Protectorate.

Working Dissertation Title

British and Australian Encounters with Egyptians during the First Word War: A Comparative Analysis. 


"The Vile Nile According to the Rank and File: An Essay Comparing Imperial Military Authorities’ Anti-Prostitution Rhetoric with the Considerations of Common Imperial Soldiers in Egypt during the First World War" Submitted to Past Tense: Graduate Review of History for Second Review

Teaching Assistantships

HIST 151: Modern Middle East (Fall 2014)

HIST 102: Canada Since Confederation (Spring 2015)

HIST 254: China to 1800 (Fall 2015, Spring 2016)


Saywell Graduate Scholarship in History

Joseph Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship-Master’s

SFU Graduate Fellowship 2014

SFU Entrance Scholarship 2009