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HIST 115 - Introduction to the History of Sexuality

HIST 204 - The Social History of Canada

HIST 214 - Quebec Society, Culture, and Politics

HIST 224 - Europe from the French Revolution to the First World War

HIST 225 - 20th Century Europe

HIST 231 - History of Africa to the 19th Century: From Ancient Times to the Slave Trade

HIST 319 - The Modern French Nation

HIST 323 - The Canadian Prairies

HIST 330W - Controversies in Canadian History

HIST 417W - Problems in Modern French History

HIST 425W - Gender and History

HIST 433W - Italian Films, Italian Histories

HIST 454 - The History of Sexuality

HIST 455W - Race in the Americas

HIST 471W - Women in Japanese History (1600-1952)

HIST 473W - Problems in Southern African History