Donovan Woollard – Co-Director of RADIUS Ventures

Donovan’s work focuses on translating great sustainable business ideas into great sustainable businesses. 

Since 2013, Donovan has been the Co-Director of RADIUS (RADical Ideas, Useful to Society), a social innovation hub and impact business incubator at SFU’s Beedie School of Business. His goal is to promote market and investment readiness by helping entrepreneurs to find and develop alignment between the problem they seek to solve, the solution they offer, and the unique talents and passions of the entrepreneur(s) themselves. 

Since 2010, Donovan has also run Transom Enterprises to launch and grow sustainability-oriented businesses. These include Persephone Brewing Company, Victoria Car Share Co-op (now part of MODO), and a large-scale vertical farm in downtown Vancouver. 

Prior to Transom, Donovan spent four years as COO of Offsetters, Canada’s leading carbon offset and carbon management firm. He has also worked for Vancity, BC Hydro, and Ecotrust and worked the graveyard shift at a half-way house.