Panel Themes and Event Outcomes

This two-day Symposium and DevLab invited academics and interested researchers, funders, and advocates to develop ideas and innovative solutions related to the following challenge areas:

Collaborations & Partnerships Across Sectors

This dynamic panel discussed approaches and strategies that can bring together various sectors, including manufacturing, agriculture, energy, forestry, construction, information technology, etc. to engage in and make an impact in Canada’s international development initiatives. Success of such initiatives depends on effective partnerships between government and pertinent sectors that foster trade opportunities, investment, innovation, sustainable development, and international security.

Engaging the Private Sector

This panel discussed out-of the-box approaches to engaging the private sector from Canada and developing countries in international development initiatives led by Canada. Discussions will emphasize the benefits and potential shortfalls by providing examples of how science, technology, and philanthropy/investors can work together toward the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Big Data & Information Technology

There is a wide range of data sources and associated information technology that can be brought to bear on sustainable development and effective decision making. How has data been used? How can it be used? How should it be used? How are we measuring our impact and effectiveness?


Project Delivery
& Impact

Advances in information technology and communications offer a range of new possibilities for project design, delivery, and monitoring and evaluation. This panel invited those involved in recent development projects involving innovative approaches to reflect upon the wider lessons of their experience.

Anticipated Outcomes

Consolidating Ideas

Identify and apply the best ideas in social/institutional innovation and emerging technologies to selected topics for international development priorities.

Creating Networks

Build partnerships and collaborations for joint international research and development project proposals.

Mobilizing Partners

Engage diverse Canadian partners from the academic, government, NGOs and business communities to address international development challenges.

Evaluating Progress

Develop mechanisms to design, implement, and sustain international development projects.

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