DevLab Winners

The DevLab Competition featured a panel of world-class innovators, business leaders and philanthropists who served as judges and provided their invaluable feedback to the innovative ideas presented as part of the competition.

The judges voted for the DevLab original $10,000 to be awarded to the "Stories Unfold" project (details below). However, an exciting and unexpected outcome was one of the judges and one of our expert panelist decided to independently fund a second $10,000 prize to "Eco Hub" (details below).


Stories Unfold

Stories unfold is a global, member-led multi-media storytelling collective to amass non-conventional data from marginalized and indigenous peoples on their perspectives, challenges and traditional knowledge on the United Nations sustainable development goals.

The project proposal includes engaging with storytelling to see how communities view the topics within the SDGs. The goal is to support existing local initiatives, potentially from high school classrooms to Indigenous organizations already doing storytelling and data collection work. The information produced would be collected with the intent of enabling Indigenous advocacy with an SDG lens.

Eco Hub

Our mission is to empower developing communities to tackle local food security and malnutrition issues by using a scalable model. The first step in our model is to listen to the food and nutrition needs of the people, then to provide necessary resources for creating and or enhancing communal gardens in communities that are in desperate need of fresh fruits and vegetables. Self-sufficiency and community involvement, as well as local champions are key elements to Eco Hub’s success. Our model includes tools such as rain water harvesting, composting, using grey water, terracing and permaculture. Food security is fundamental to sustainable development.