Masterclass for Graduate Students & Early Career Researchers

Monday, November 7, 2016
2-5 pm
AQ 6106, SFU Burnaby


This masterclass provided an opportunity for PhD students and early career researchers from UBC and SFU to present their research projects to a transpacific panel of faculty members who provided feedback on their work. The HKBU faculty members, in particular, offered insights into how Canadian researchers' projects would be received by an international audience. 

Participating Graduate Students & Early Career Researchers

Ranbir K. Banwait, PhD, SFU
- "Historical Feelings and Body Histories in Asian Canadian Literature"
Rob Bittner, PhD Candidate, SFU
- "LGBTQ Youth Information Seeking Practices and Implications on Identity Formation"
Novia Shih-Shan Chen, PhD Candidate, SFU
- "Documentary as Alternative Practice: Situating Contemporary Women Directors in Sinophone Cinema"
Michelle Siobhan O'Brien, PhD, UBC
- "Entangled Pasts and Literary Presents: Rethinking Racial Management and Interconnections Between Canada, Singapore, and Malaysia"
Szu Shen, PhD Candidate, UBC
- "Nuclearized Intimacies: The Routes of Uranium and its Impact on Indigenous Communities in Canada and across the Pacific"
Ayaka Yoshimizu, PhD, SFU
- "After Displacement: Excavating Memories of Migrant Sex Workers and Becoming Entangled with the Water Trade in Yokohama"

Faculty Panel

Main Respondents
Stuart Christie, HKBU
Tan Jia, HKBU
Christopher Patterson, HKBU

John Erni, HKBU
Louis Ho, HKBU
Ruth Hung, HKBU
Kingsley Ng, HKBU
Chris Lee, UBC
Christine Kim, SFU
Helen Leung, SFU

This event is generously funded by:
Office of the Dean of Arts, HKBU
Office of Graduate Studies & Postdoctoral Fellows, SFU
International Engagement Fund, SFU

Organizing Committee: Christine Kim, Chris Lee, Helen Leung